Polo Team Registration

The Summerfest Sloped Field Polo Tournament will be held Sunday July 21 at 11am SLT at the Blackwater Competition Stadium. We generally follow USPL Rules you can review our version here: https://www.blackwater-sl.net/polo-tournament-rules/

Please note this tournament is full double elimination. This means their may be two Championship matches. Please direct any questions to Winnie Blackwater.

Good Luck see you on the field!

Registered Polo Teams for The Blackwater Summer Festival Polo Tournament
Polo Team Registration

Team Name: Cookies and Cream

Team Captain: Winnie Blackwater ( Sweetwater)

Team Members:

Winnie Blackwater ( Sweetwater)

Team Name: Red Hot Kickie Peppers

Team Captain: Alli Eberdene

Team Members:

Blaze (Sushi.Pawpad),
Raddax (Ruddiger832)