Let’s be Careful Out There!

One of the joy’s I have at blackwater as the farm mistress is giving out ribbons to the hard working ponies that come over to compete. I appreciate and love each of you for making our farm a wonderful place. Last weekend after the first heat for the Rockwall Slalom Race, I was handing out … Read more

Fall Season at Blackwater

It’s Fall at Blackwater and the apples and pumpkins have been harvested and are for sale on the at the Farm. Please enjoy as they are particularly good this year. Below is a photo of our lovely delicious apples And our Pumpkins… mmmm If you are considering pinching an apple without paying, allow me to … Read more


I just got back from a rare night out seeing old friends. Some I’ve known for a long time. We have watched each other evolve and grow over the years. I’m lucky to know them and fortunate they are my friends. I’m not the world’s greatest at staying in touch. In fact once the context … Read more