Duck Duck….. Race Results

Blackwater Springfest continued on Friday, April 19 with the aptly-named “Duck Duck…” barrels race. “This race is really fun mostly because of the suffering of the ponies,” said Winnie Blackwater. “I like when the ponies scream in terror,” she added. MORNING HEAT RESULTS Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 sushi.pawpad 41.51 0 722 2 ralna.payne … Read more

Super Mario Steeple Race Results

Springfest kicked off on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 16-17) with the Super Mario Steeple, a lengthy, challenging race celebrating the mushroom-eating adventures of Mario. The race is the first part of Springfest, a six-event, week-long extravaganza at Blackwater Farm. “Super Mario reminds me of when I was younger and used to eat mushrooms,” said Miss … Read more

Easter Steeple Results

Congratulations to the ponies who competed in the Easter Steeple at Blackwater Farm! We all had a hopping good time and will see you again very soon! Full results are below: Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 Mule Indy (lovejoyful resident) 56.059310 0 1783 2 Blaze (sushi pawpad) 56.311280 0 1775 3 debs bombastic 56.619070 … Read more

Elk Meadow Slalom Results

Congratulations to all the ponies who competed in the Elk Meadow Slalom race! Race results are below! OVERALL RESULTS Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 yelly1111 66.94 0 1792 2 lovejoyful resident 67.95 0 1765 3 ralna payne 68.21 0 1758 4 bea6love resident 65.67 0 1757 5 nana247 resident 68.46 0 1752 6 kunnminze … Read more

Stonehenge Steeple Results

Congratulations to all the ponies who took part in the steeplechase at Blackwater Farm! The full results are as follows: Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 debs bombastic 142.472900 0 1965 2 yelly1111 resident 142.661300 0 1962 3 mel71201 resident 146.783800 0 1907 4 maxie rizzo 147.251100 0 1901 5 ralna payne 148.571200 0 1884 … Read more

Blackwater Mule Wins Barrel Race

The citizens of Blackwater rejoiced and celebrated on April 11, 2023 upon hearing the news that the Blackwater Mule (indy.lovejoyful) won the 12th event in the CPL race series. The barrel race, which was hosted at Blackwater Farm, was a 36-hour event on a new barrel course called “Bat Barrels” because the course loosely takes … Read more