Super Mario Steeple Race Results

Springfest kicked off on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 16-17) with the Super Mario Steeple, a lengthy, challenging race celebrating the mushroom-eating adventures of Mario. The race is the first part of Springfest, a six-event, week-long extravaganza at Blackwater Farm.

“Super Mario reminds me of when I was younger and used to eat mushrooms,” said Miss Winnie Blackwater, stable mistress and owner. “I also like when the ponies suffer,” she added.

Congratulations to the ponies who ran in the race!


1sushi pawpad129.97330002000
2lwolfangel6 resident131.82330002000
3yelly1111 resident134.18350002000
4bea6love resident139.99230002000
5joanmitchel resident140.16800002000
6newpenny resident140.45490002000
7z3phine nightingale146.81220002000
8mel71201 resident138.49780011945
9winnie sweetwater143.00250001945
10butterflyinacage foxpaws137.96990021890
11ariadnediamond resident144.21130021890
12ralna payne149.10280011835
13starnovah resident154.50120031835
14nathalbox resident161.85310011835
15ahrithehottie resident181.55670011835
16lovejoyful resident148.63040031780
17emmasquire resident171.25580051670
18frisky8100 resident144.94310041615
19ashleyk2813 resident160.42110021505
20akeno421 resident156.85410061395
21dolly waifu199.314400121340
22martashiny resident162.730500101285
23romina randt179.79290081120
24williamwhitepaw resident59.9282801680
25sanorasonrunner resident193.38320016570

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