Easter Steeple Results

Congratulations to the ponies who competed in the Easter Steeple at Blackwater Farm! We all had a hopping good time and will see you again very soon! Full results are below:

The Easter Steeple at Blackwater Farm is a walking course that can be accomplished by beginners with some practice, but still presents a challenge for even experienced ponies.
1Mule Indy (lovejoyful resident)56.05931001783
2Blaze (sushi pawpad) 56.31128001775
3debs bombastic 56.61907001766
4christinedutch resident 58.31850001714
5Snowy (nathalbox resident)58.68663001703
7ralna payne 59.41009001683
8newpenny resident 59.78127001672
9martashiny resident 60.49714001652
10mel71201 resident 62.14604001609
11minuit ferina 61.10294011558
12romina randt 68.65874001456
13starnovah resident63.11098031358
14skyler pancake 67.72634021266
15arcania1 resident 76.68555041056
16winnie sweetwater45.1530501(4)670

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