“Cave Barrels” Race at Blackwater Farm

Blackwater Farm on April 20, 2023 hosted the “Cave Barrel” race as part of the “Mule’s Challenge” race series. Set against a backdrop of Douglas firs, the course winds up and down various rock terraces. The course name is earned because one of the barrels is set inside a cave. Eighteen ponies competed in the race. “Blackwater Farm is very happy to host this challenging and fun race,” said Lady Blackwater (winnifred.sweetwater).

The Cave Barrels course at Blackwater Farm evokes the Pacific Northwest.

The “Mule’s Challenge” series is unique because each competitor is permitted only five runs on race day; however, practice time is virtually unlimited because the course is announced well in advance of the race. “The purpose of the series is to promote diligent practice,” Lady Blackwater explained, sipping a brandy while ponies struggled with the difficult terrain. The challenge series runs bi-weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays at Blackwater Farm.

The course is very technical and requires substantial practice, even for experienced ponies.

The blue ribbon went to Debby (debs.bombastic), who narrowly edged out a crowded field. Also-rans included Yelly and the Blackwater Mule. The top ten racers were separated by a total of only three seconds, evidence of the highly technical nature of the course. “Obviously today’s ponies spent a lot of time practicing to improve,” Lady Blackwater observed. Full results are below:

1Debs Bombastic59:08731
2Yelly1111 Resident59:37124
3Lovejoyful Resident59:51261
4Mel71201 Resident59:97073
5Ralna Payne60:18022
6Nathalbox Resident61:47006
7Joanmitchel Resident61:85277
8Martashiny Resident61:98577
9Frisky8100 Resident62:00467
10Bea6Love Resident 62:80656
11Leatherbabe4 Resident62:81880
12Winnie Sweetwater65:95132
13Katrin Randt67:25867
14Subbietiffany Resident68:54468
15Zayah Owo68:71737
16Bluebury Fall 64:03659
17Toren Epin83:21047
18Maxie Rizzo86:49495

The next race in the “Mule’s Challenge” series will be in approximately two weeks at Blackwater Farm and will be announced on the farm’s website long prior to the race.

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