Blackwater Mule Wins Barrel Race

The citizens of Blackwater rejoiced and celebrated on April 11, 2023 upon hearing the news that the Blackwater Mule (indy.lovejoyful) won the 12th event in the CPL race series. The barrel race, which was hosted at Blackwater Farm, was a 36-hour event on a new barrel course called “Bat Barrels” because the course loosely takes the shape of the furry winged rodent.

“I am so proud of the Mule,” said Lady Blackwater (winnie.sweetwater) upon hearing news of the Mule’s victory. “The Mule’s training has obviously paid off,” she added, while sipping a manhattan. Meanwhile, the Mule could be heard grumbling, muttering something inaudible about “slow ponies” whilst she gazed upon her shiny new blue ribbon.

Bat Barrels is a barrel race course exclusively hosted at Blackwater Farm.

Her victory adds another blue ribbon to the Mule’s already impressive collection of race memorabilia, all of which is on display at Blackwater Farm in a museum aptly called “Muledom.” Mule’s victory in the race is significant considering that the barrel was, until recent years, viewed as a weaker discipline for the Mule. Indeed, Aria II (ariadnediamond.resident), who finished 20th on the day, could be seen stifling tears of sorrow at the conclusion of the race. Once considered merely a strong candidate for barrel victories, the Mule has clearly emerged as a far more formidable barrel racer. The Mule’s victory is also remarkable considering the crowded field of 29 racers in the competition. Also-rans included Debby Bombastic, who took second place behind the Mule, and WPG’s strongest competitor, Desania (desania.resident), who finished third.

Even more impressively, the Mule’s victory time of 50.62 was slower than the Mule’s practice speeds, some of which were nearly a full second faster than the rest of the field. The Mule’s victory, though impressive, actually falls shy of what the Mule may be able to achieve given the sheer domination of her practice speeds. Regardless, in the meantime, Blackwater Farm continued to celebrate the Mule’s victory before turning to the next race. Congratulations Mule!

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