Blackwater Farm

You have come to the end of a dirt road running through a lonely marsh landscape.  The gate before you is a shadow of the past grandeur of a once prosperous farm.  The atmosphere surrounding you feels suddenly heavy and still.  Looking through the gate you see activity in the distance but cannot make out what is happening.  You see the rusted and battered no trespassing and authorized personnel only signs and wonder what is going on inside the gate? A reasonable person would turn around and leave but the mix of curiosity and foreboding intrigues you and urges you to move forward to explore this place.  

Disregarding the signs and your conflicted desires you press the gate forward.  The gate resists and then with a creaking groan swings open before you.  Last chance to run.  Taking a deep breath you enter the farm.

Upcoming Events


  • Fall Season at Blackwater
    It’s Fall at Blackwater and the apples and pumpkins have been harvested and are for sale on the at the Farm. Please enjoy as they are particularly good this year. Below is a photo of our lovely delicious apples And our Pumpkins… mmmm If you are considering pinching an apple without paying, allow me to … Read more
  • Elk Meadow Slalom Results
    Congratulations to all the ponies who competed in the Elk Meadow Slalom race! Race results are below! OVERALL RESULTS Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 yelly1111 66.94 0 1792 2 lovejoyful resident 67.95 0 1765 3 ralna payne 68.21 0 1758 4 bea6love resident 65.67 0 1757 5 nana247 resident 68.46 0 1752 6 kunnminze … Read more
  • Stonehenge Steeple Results
    Congratulations to all the ponies who took part in the steeplechase at Blackwater Farm! The full results are as follows: Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 debs bombastic 142.472900 0 1965 2 yelly1111 resident 142.661300 0 1962 3 mel71201 resident 146.783800 0 1907 4 maxie rizzo 147.251100 0 1901 5 ralna payne 148.571200 0 1884 … Read more
  • Home
    I just got back from a rare night out seeing old friends. Some I’ve known for a long time. We have watched each other evolve and grow over the years. I’m lucky to know them and fortunate they are my friends. I’m not the world’s greatest at staying in touch. In fact once the context … Read more
  • Mule’s Challenge Results (Pirate’s Cove)
    Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 yelly1111 resident 59.604330 0 1845 2 debs bombastic 60.240270 0 1826 3 mel71201 resident 60.556740 0 1816 4 ralna payne 60.985030 0 1803 5 ariadnediamond resident 60.990590 0 1803 6 leatherbabe4 resident 61.199820 0 1797 7 bea6love resident 62.674240 0 1755 8 frisky8100 resident 62.981770 0 1746 9 maxie … Read more