Blackwater Farm

As you walk through the town you get the feeling that something is unusual.  You are uneasy and can’t quite put your finger on why.  The town looks like every other small farming town you’ve ever seen. The stores you walk by seem ordinary enough.  Still there is a sense of tension in the air like pent up desires seeking release. 

You stop and look ahead you see a tavern with what appears to be barns behind it.  Inside you sense bustling activity and hear faint sounds of machines pulsing and occasional mooing and neighs of livestock at work.  You continue towards the activity, staying on the sidewalk you peer through the windows.  You gasp seeing the activities inside.  Humans, no animals, no humans as cows and ponies busy working on milking machines and treadmills with other humans tending to them.  Something stirs deep inside you. That pent up desire you felt earlier, it’s your desire.  Uncertain what to do, move forward and explore your desires or run back to the safety of the conventional world leaving this magic behind you.  Summoning your strength you push the door open and enter………………

Welcome to Blackwater

Upcoming Events


  • Duck Duck….. Race Results
    Blackwater Springfest continued on Friday, April 19 with the aptly-named “Duck Duck…” barrels race. “This race is really fun mostly because of the suffering of the ponies,” said Winnie Blackwater. “I like when the ponies scream in terror,” she added. MORNING HEAT RESULTS Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 sushi.pawpad 41.51 0 722 2 ralna.payne … Read more
  • Super Mario Steeple Race Results
    Springfest kicked off on Tuesday and Wednesday (April 16-17) with the Super Mario Steeple, a lengthy, challenging race celebrating the mushroom-eating adventures of Mario. The race is the first part of Springfest, a six-event, week-long extravaganza at Blackwater Farm. “Super Mario reminds me of when I was younger and used to eat mushrooms,” said Miss … Read more
  • Easter Steeple Results
    Congratulations to the ponies who competed in the Easter Steeple at Blackwater Farm! We all had a hopping good time and will see you again very soon! Full results are below: Rank Name Time Faults Points 1 Mule Indy (lovejoyful resident) 56.059310 0 1783 2 Blaze (sushi pawpad) 56.311280 0 1775 3 debs bombastic 56.619070 … Read more
  • Let’s be Careful Out There!
    One of the joy’s I have at blackwater as the farm mistress is giving out ribbons to the hard working ponies that come over to compete. I appreciate and love each of you for making our farm a wonderful place. Last weekend after the first heat for the Rockwall Slalom Race, I was handing out … Read more
  • Fall Season at Blackwater
    It’s Fall at Blackwater and the apples and pumpkins have been harvested and are for sale on the at the Farm. Please enjoy as they are particularly good this year. Below is a photo of our lovely delicious apples And our Pumpkins… mmmm If you are considering pinching an apple without paying, allow me to … Read more